Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Thael, Wizard of Order

Thael is an Elf - specifically a Tower Elf. Unlike his woodland brothers and sisters Thael has never walked in the leafy shade of the forest - spending all of his life in the Arcane University. A training that, though unfinished, he believes to be complete. He has no need for nature and no great love for it's bounty of life - rather he respects the order that cities and civilizations represent. He has not yet made his mind up about Technology - though if it could increase the growth of Civilization then it could be a useful tool in the coming years. Thael always has one eye on the distant future and the part he will play bringing it to pass - for better or for worse.

His leaving of the University was much unexpected - given his affinity to cities and the higher forms of life. Though he doesn't talk much about his past he did once mention a book he read, long ago now. A book that detailed a powerful artifact somewhere in the more ancient parts of the world - if Thael is to be believed such an object would grant limitless power to the user. Such power could be used to civilize the world, once and for all, turning so much chaos into beautiful order. This "well of power" he refers to may exist - though exactly why and where are questions Thael knows not the answer to.

Thael is likable, there is no other way to state the fact. He is affable, enjoys talking to as many people as possible and has a certain way with people that put's them at ease. He has never cared for weaponry - sacrificing such training to pour his abilities into Magic - longing to gain more and more magical energy. One day hoping such effort will help him find the well.

Would the order that Thael so longs for bring him peace? Should said power be used in such a way - or even be used at all? The only thing Thael is sure of is that the mortal peoples of Arcadia represent the best life has to offer - he has no time for over sentimental love for the environment or the Gods. If the races are to succeed they must one their own terms - through strength, order and power.

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