Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Session 1 (Ikki's words)

It is the day of the Great Hunt in the City Of Glass and six adventurers of various backgrounds await the announcement to start this festive event. Surprisingly though they are the only ones to arrive this year and find themselves feasting by themselves. Though this seems to concern none of them as they enjoy the grand meal given to them.

As they feast and make small talk with each other the Kings Advisor soon arrives, deeply concerned and annoyed by the lack of people who have turned up for this event. Even so he explains the rules and task of the great hunt, says the party will have to take guards with them for extra man power and offers them each a place to sleep for the night. 

The Adventurers retire to their beds for the night, the Halfing Prince sleeping on the higher level due to his status. The Halfing Prince, Errik, takes it upon himself not to learn from his past experiences and begins to invite the various female servants to his chambers for the night along with Kisa. The females seem to have class though and rebuff him. 

The party are awoken to screams in the morning and find the guards and servants under attack by undead. Thael, the Wizard, quickly makes whatever potted flowers nearby sprout out and entangle the nearest undead. Ikki and Saerdir then despatch of two undead attacking a young servant, allowing his escape. 

Following the screams they enter the dinning hall again and find a Necromancer controlling a larger group of minons all of which have slain the guards, with only the advisor left to fend them back with magic. The party once again dispatch of the undead after a short battle and Saerdir demands to the Necromancer she surrenders. She does straight away and follows the command of the Elven Magus. 

Kisa frowns at this and mutters to herself how in her village surrender was a great dishonour and a sign of weakness. Ikki, picking up her works with his keen hearing acts quickly on this and plunges his sword into the back of the Necromancer and puts her to a more permanent rest. This enrages the Magus along with the advisor who argue with the Rogue. He laughs exclaiming that there's no such thing as a trustworthy undead. While this happens the Wizard notices a mark on the Necromancers skin and peels it off with ease, hoping to keep it for deeper investigation and proof of the undead attack. 

The Advisor turns to the party and says he will try to reason with the undead attacking the city. The party quickly argue this and exclaim it's a flat out stupid plan. After much debate he offers them a task to help possibly save the City Of Glass. He gives them a pact and tells them to travel to Necropolis and inact this pact, telling them to cease the attack on the City of Glass. If it turns out the attack is not from Necropolis they should then ask for aid from them. As he talks he makes mention of various passage ways out of the city which Ikki quickly picks up on and leaves through a trapdoor hidden under the carpet. 

The rest of the party continue to argue with the elderly man and the task he has set for them. They debate various matters like wanting to see the Sickly King, wanting rewards, telling the man not to try diplomacy with the undead and so on. The debating ends after sometime and the party finally accept his quest and leave through the passage way that Ikki went through. 

As the party travels the Druid, Talynn, notices the injury on the Magus and quickly heals it with his magic. The chaos of the arguing and battle making him unaware of his companions injury. 

They finally reach the end of the passage way and find a shed full of horses that they can ride. The Halfling being too small for the large mounts decides to ride on Kisa's large kitten instead. During the travel more arguments between the party members break out. The Magus knocks out the Wizard and Halfling undresses him for some reason and his advances on Kisa are ignored again. Saerdir decides that the party needs some order and says they should draw up a standard Adventurers Pact between themselves which details some fair and just rules. Some of the party seem to agree to this but there is a general half-hearted nature to this all. The Corby says they should be called "Ikki And The Birds" but this is quickly disagreed with. 

After much traveling they reach the nearby village. They are greeted and questioned by the village guard as to what their business is. Once again the party argues with them using all manner of ways with them. The Corby growing tired of the conflict reaches for his blade to attack the guards unaware. The Wizard notices this and sends him a telepathic message to hold his blade. Ikki being completely unaccustomed to his manner of communication falls of his horse and cries out for forgiveness from The Ravenous. Mistakenly thinking he was being spoken to by his creator.

Kisa finally speaks up and decides to talk to the guards and explains what has happened to the City. The guards offer them all a room at the village inn for the night. Ikki decides to sleep in a much more quiet and comfortable tree.

As they wake the party minus Ikki find the towns mayor, A tiefling, and begin to question him on various matters. After the usual argument and debate they agree to dispatch of the bandits that have been plaguing the city. The Mayor offers a much higher reward to them if they can take them alive or even get them to join the city as guards. Meanwhile the rogue has received the same quest from the town guards, promising simply to dispatch of them all and heads off before the group. 

The party are given some weapons of higher quality by the mayor before they all set off and they then make their way to the caves where the bandits reside. Ikki already scouting the area and ready to attack with the party. 

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