Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Kisa, Summoner of the Wilds

She grew up surrounded by majestic kings and queens of the animal kingdom. Kisa was excited for the day she too, would finally show her true spirit to her village. Known only in legends, and mysterious sightings of man and felines working as one, the village kept to themselves. One by one, her friends had partnered with powerful and headstrong beasts. They tamed them, trained with them, and lived their lives developing with each other. The best felines grew to be the new leaders, something Kisa aspired to.

Her family had reasonable standings in the village, most of them with tigers, so it was expected Kisa would carry on the family name. Being the most headstrong of the children born, her family taught her the skills necessary to rise high.

When the day came to reveal her true spirit animal, the ceremony halted when it was revealed Kisa was able to only summon a kitten. She was mocked mercilessly, being likened to owning a pet people in cities chose. Her strong and fiery spirit was represented by the unrelentless playful nature of the kitten, and the colour of its fur. It was a very fluffy and bright orange.

That very day, she left town in search of strength and acceptance.

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