Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Current Cast and Plot Hook


- Saerdir, the Elven Magus of Glass (played by Alex)
- Kisa, the Human Summoner of the Wilds (played by Gemma)
- Thael, Elven Wizard of Order (played by Thomas)
- Errik, the Halfling Gunslinger Prince (played by TJ)


Ikki, the Corby Rogue of the Winds (played by Seth)

- Talynn, the Elven Druid of Lor'mados (played by Xander)

Plot Hook

The Great Hunt - the most celebrated time of the year! This is an annual holiday that occurs towards the end of spring, where the Glass King requires heroes and adventurers to enter the hostile wilderness surrounding the city to hunt monsters that will soon attack trade caravans and the like.
The party will start in the Glass Palace, where the King's advisor will give a speech, the adventurers will then enjoy fine wine, superb company, and well-rehearsed entertainment.

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