Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Saerdir, Magus of Glass


A driven swordsman and mage, strong in mind and weak in body, seeking sinister immortality.


"The elf before you wears well tailored clothes, practical for the sword at his hip. He moves with a careful grace; even the lightest physical contact seems to cause him pain. His pale face is dark around the eyes from sickness, and his hands are marked with calluses from long hours practicing fencing. His hand is never far from the hilt of his sword, made in a style you do not recognize."


Saerdir grew up with his own kind, in the grounds of the city of Glass's Arcane University. His ambition, since he was old enough to have one, has always been to become a master swordsman. As a child he was plagued by ill health, and he longed for the day when he would grow out of his childhood weakness and became a strong adult. Sadly, the day never came.

Pushed toward the study of magic by circumstance and the failings of his body, Saerdir never accepted that he should abandon his dreams of swordplay; to this day, he still reacts with scorn and derision to people who suggest a different path for him. Saerdir seeks a way to overcome his weakness, and has become obsessed with rumors of distant Necropolis and its death-worshipping citizens.

Saerdir's mentor and friend, Hexidor, recently disappeared under mysterious circumstances. He left Saerdir a sword with dormant magical abilities, a final endorsement of his chosen path in life. Saerdir is looking for Hexidor, and feels that he is ready to move beyond the Arcane University and test himself against the world.

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