Tuesday, 19 February 2013


Welcome to Arcadia, a realm where the Gods walk in disguise among the mortal populace, where technological advancement battles the old ways of magic, and where Heroes have not walked the realm for centuries...

until now!


The current plan is to do every other Tuesday, starting on the 12th February, 2013.

Skill Level

I'm an experienced DM, and am looking for pretty much any skill level of players. I'd prefer my players to have at least played one game of D&D or Pathfinder in their lifetime, just so they have a rough understanding of how these sorts of roleplaying games work... but I can figure something out with anyone.


Feel free to use this website -- but please avoid anything with the Third-Party stamp on in. If in doubt, just drop me an email.

Arcadia's Story

The design document can be located here:
Arcadia Falling
It is a fair read, but in doing so you shall learn more about the realm, and it will make it easier for you to create a character that can be attached to the world with ease.


Arcadia is a realm that is missing Heroes, and desperately needs some before it's too late. Players are encouraged to select a God to worship (see the design document), and it is strongly recommended that characters are happy to do heroic things: your character doesn't need to be greedy in order to get new items.

Characters and Creation

Currently, we are using High Fantasy (20 point) character creation. All players start at LEVEL ONE. The Core and most of the Featured races are available for play, as are the Core and Base classes. I actually encourage players to select from the Base classes list, as it helps players stand out from the rest of the Arcadians.
Characters are allowed to select two traits from the PFSRD website to apply to their character.
A short biography with your character will be rewarded. This should include backstory, driving force, and any potential plot hooks that could be used to further your character. It may be a wise idea to refer to the section on Arcadia's Story for help on this.
For the first three levels, please allocate yourself maximum HP for your class. After that, all levels will take slightly favourable averages to their HP rolls (eg. d6 nets 4hp, d8 nets 5hp, and so on).

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