Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Errick, the Gunslinger Prince

Prince Errik is, in TJ's own words, good chaotic as shit. The guy is a small bundle of enthusiastic energy and quiet capable of out drinking men twice his size and out lasting women half his age.

He was once famed among his people as much for his generosity as his charm. However, slowly the royal court worked against him and after a year or two of fierce infighting he was found guilty of blasphemy, intoxication, inciting a riot and debasement of the royal throne (you don't want to know). And although most of the charges were fictitious he was confronted by the most serious and stone faced of all the civil service Grand Master Droff. It was too late and Prince Errik escaped he capital with his life, his trusted blunderbuss and his wit. Sadly some say there wasn't much of the latter left to take.

He finds it easy to befriend women but men seem to take an instant dislike to him - partly because of his success with the former but partly because he is still deep down a complete snob. At an early age he realized the disadvantage a halfling will have to live with - that of their height and comparative lack of strength. This cumulated in a bar fight where a half orc four times his size took umbrage to Errik working his magic with his wife. However, Errik learned a valuable lesson. No matter how big, no matter how powerful a man cannot possibly survive a blunderbuss shot to the head. Thus the love of guns were born. He is now never seen without Nigel - his long barrel blunderbuss that is ever inch as tall as him and ever ounce as energetic. Often found talking to Nigel some believe Errik has made his entire past up as an act of fancy....
Though in the deepest dark of night, when everyone else is asleep Errik can be found polishing Nigel. Whispering to his old friend his great longing - to return to his kingdom and once more take the throne - though not before having his merry little way with at minimum one women from every race in Arcadia. After all, it would be rude not to.

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