Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Talynn, Druid of Lor'mados

Talynn, Druid Elf, worshops Lor'mados, is neutral good.

Talynn has always been most comfortable in nature. He is highly inquisitive and gets a thrill from learning and seeing new things. He is very wise when it comes to nature (the land / weather / plants / animals etc), but can be a little naive when it comes to other people (hence low charisma). He isn't completely against technology, but feels it isn't needed and prefers that the landscape is left in a natural state.

Talynn grew up in a rural part of Heartland with extended family (aunts / cousins etc), he never knew his mother, she died when he was young. Talynn only has faint memories of his father, a mysterious, tall, strong elf in a long cloak and hat. Talynn has managed to find out a little about his father over the years from his Aunt, he is apparently a traveler / collector / hunter known to be sought after by some of the most known people in Arcadia when they want a certain item hunted / found or they want to travel to a dangerous or remote area. But it's also known his father is difficult to find.

Talynn idolises the father he barely remembers and seeks to travel to the far reaches of Arcadia and become as famous and skilled as him, and in the process discover new wonders. He also hopes to meet him.

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