Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Ikki, Rogue of the Winds

“The King's eyes are quick. I hope to be quicker.”

Ikki, The Rogue of the Winds


An impatient Corby who strives to fast above all.


Quick with a blade and quick on foot, Ikki strives to be the swiftest much like a bird in the sky. Born with a quick mind for languages like most of his race the body quickly followed and he found a talent for dodging, disabling and finishing tasks well within the time limit.

His wings were much smaller than the normal size race and couldn't carry him as he grew older. Has no bitterness of this though as he has more important things to think about.

He is fairly impatient and while he appreciates a good plan he can grow tired of debating. Gets the job done and usually takes delivery jobs.

His small home within the city of glass is filled with many books and scrolls as he tries to work out spells, legends and anything else that can make him as quick, if not quicker, than the wind itself. To walk on the wind is a fantasy he usually drifts off into when others argue among themselves.

While he dreams he never thinks to far ahead. Perhaps technology will make him faster? Magic will grant him speed? An artifact? A Deity? Wealth? All is unknown.

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